People working in the Radacsi Research Group.

Norbert Radacsi, Ph.D.

  • M.Sc. Physics - University of Debrecen (2006)
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering/Materials Science - Delft University of Technology (2012)
  • Postdoctoral training: Delft University of Technology (2012-2013), Purdue University (2013-2014), Caltech (2014-2015)

Dr. Radacsi got promoted to a (staff) research associate position in 2015 at Caltech. He went on to become a Lecturer (equivalent of an Assistant Professor) in chemical engineering at The University of Edinburgh in 2016. In the same year Dr. Radacsi got appointed as a Visiting Scientist at Caltech.

E-mail: n.radacsi AT ed DOT ac DOT uk , nradacsi AT caltech DOT edu

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PhD Students, University of Edinburgh

Michel Vong

Fabrication of nanostructured solid-state batteries and fuel cells

michel DOT vong AT ed DOT ac DOT uk

Mauricio Noriega Hernández

Fabrication of nanostructured Solid Acid Fuel Cells

Markus Rondé

(co-supervised with Dr. Jon Terry from The University of Edinburgh)

Fabrication of pressure sensor system by etching

Brian Pornsakulsak

(co-supervised with Professor Adrian Flood from Vistec and Professor Konstantinos Giapis from Caltech)

Undergraduate students, Caltech

Devi Ganapathi

Exploring new catalysts for oxygen reduction in solid acid fuel cell electrodes

dganapat AT caltech DOT edu

Miguel Gonzales

Increasing the mechanical stability of nanostructured fuel cell electrodes

mgonzal2 AT caltech DOT edu

Dr Norbert Radacsi
Dr Norbert Radacsi
Michael Vong, PhD Student
Michael Vong, PhD Student
Devi Ganapthi, Undergraduate Caltech
Devi Ganapthi, Undergraduate Caltech